Police Mission Statement

The primary responsibility and mission of the Wonder Lake Police Department is to provide for the safety of residents and transitory persons within the corporate limits of the Village. The department is working toward the following endeavors:

  • Community Policing Concept
  • Bicycle Safety Program
  • National Child Safety Awareness Program
  • Community Neighborhood Watch Program


Wonder Lake Police Department

Police Department: (815) 728-0535 Fax (815) 653-1415
4444 Thompson Road, Wonder Lake IL, 60097

Memo from the Wonder Lake Police Department:

Residents of the Village of Wonder Lake, your police department in an effort to better serve you, is asking for your cooperation when communicating a criminal act, suspicious circumstances or speeding autos in your neighborhood, by emailing the information or calling the non emergency number at (815) 728-0535.

We would ask that you call Wonder Lake Police Department direct for all non emergency calls. This will ensure a more prompt response to your needs.

The non emergency number for Wonder Lake Police Department is (815) 728-0535.

Please do not call the Village Officials with a complaint pertaining to Village Ordinances.

For all Village Ordinance Violations such as

Nuisance calls, etc.,
Please call the Village of Wonder Police Department direct at (815) 728-0535.

If no one is there to answer your call immediately, please leave your message on Voice Mail.  Your message is very important to us and will be answered promptly as soon as an Officer is available.

This is for all non-emergency calls only.
For all emergency calls, dial 911

HSI Victim Notification Program

Learn More about protecting the public and observing victim rights.



For cell phone use while driving