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  • Lake Safety - guest post by Lake Manager Randy Stowe
  • Visit from Santa December 21
  • Fire Safety Tips
  • Message from Village Administrators and Trustees


  • Water Meter Replacement update
  • Halloween Safety Tips
  • Meet Officer Theresa Harper, Harrison School Resource Officer
  • 'Think First' safety presentations at Harrison School (Tuesday August 20th)
  • Traffic and Child Safety Tips
  • Message from Village President Tony Topf
  • Registration for Fall 2019 Youth Soccer closes July 26
  • Registration for Fall 2019 Girls Softball closes August 7
  • Patriotic Celebration, Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication

Read the July 2019 issue of our Village Newsletter for details!

Details on the 2019 weekend celebration in the attached Newsletter!

Friday July 5th:   Venetian Night (lighted boat parade on the Lake)

Saturday July 6th: Kids Zone, Food Booths, Parade, Fire Department Open House, Wonder Lake Water Ski Team Show, Live Band, and Fireworks on the Lake!

Sunday July 7th:  FREE Pontoon Boat Rides (launching from... READ MORE

Enjoy Wonder Lake's Patriotic Events: Saturday, June 30th:

1:00 – 4:30  Kid's Zone @ lot West of  MPOA (+ face painter from  last year) 1:00 – Food Vendors at the Triangle until after ski show, some until fireworks

1:30 – Parade from Christ the King Catholic Church to the Triangle at Hancock and Lake Shore Drive      

2:30 - East Fire Station Open House   

4:30 – Wonder Lake Water Ski Show (2016 National Champs)

Dark – Fantastic Fireworks!

Sunday, July 1st  — Free Pontoon Boat Rides - 2... READ MORE

Scam Alert!!!
• Residents should not respond to requests for personal information over the telephone.
• The IRS will not request information from you through a telephone call. The police are NOT waiting down the block to arrest you if you do not respond to the caller’s demands.
• Your grandchild is most likely not in jail and money orders need not be obtained to se-cure their release.
• Another recent scam we saw was recruiting an unwitting resident to be a secret shopper and rate a stores service. They mailed out postal money orders and asked you to... READ MORE

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is an area of land that drains to a common point, such as a nearby creek, stream, river or lake. Every small watershed drains to a larger watershed that eventually flows to the ocean. Watersheds support a wide variety of plants and wildlife and provide many outdoor recrea- tion opportunities. By protecting the health of our watersheds we can preserve and enhance the quality of life for Wonder Lake area residents.

What is stormwater runoff?

Stormwater is water from rain or melting snow. It flows... READ MORE


Storm water enters our waterways unfiltered and untreated. Storm water runoff is all the water that runs off hard surfaces during rainstorms. This water does not seep into the ground during storms; instead it runs straight into streams, rivers, and lakes. Storm sewer drains are installed to carry excess runoff away from the areas where we live. Storm sewers do not carry excess runoff to the sewage treatment plant, as many people believe. The collected runoff is released directly into our waterways untreated. There are many reasons why storm water runoff can... READ MORE